Welcome to Praise Ads Media

Praise Ads is an International Affiliate Network with advanced Realtime tracing reports.Payments should be in publisher favour.Our Media Managers are available 24/7 to provide update live campaigns in our Praise ads media network.

By joining with us you accept the following terms and conditions given by the Praiseads affiliates network.

Terms And Conditions

Praise Ads is upgrading its services due to this we are changing some areas in the organization. Please not the modified areas.

  • Every publisher will get validation report on 45th day or on 46th day.
  • Each and every publisher need to send their Invoice soft copy along with their signature, Seal and Bank Account Details.
  • Publisher needs to courier their Invoice Hard Copy to the praise Ads address due to internal audit purpose. Which is send by E-mail as soft copy.
  • Company may release the payment after receiving the Hard Copy from publisher. It may take 7 - 10 days from Invoice receiving date.
  • Please note that premier publishers may got payment in Net 45 - 60 days, and normal publishers may got payment in Net 55 – 70 Days.
  • Praise Ads give much preference to the quality publishers, quality is the main for us, Praise ads never entertain any activity from Junkers.
  • If Praise Ads found any fraudulent activity from any publisher, Praise Ads have complete rights to change, modify the final numbers even after delivered to the publisher and as well as to stop the payment and investigate on these type of fraudulent activities.
  • We may release the payments only on Wednesday and Saturday, we can't release any payment in the weekdays except on Wednesday and Saturday even if the publisher is a premium publisher.
  • Praise Ads reserves the right to change/modify/withdraw the above mentioned details at its own discretion.

What we expect from you:-

  • Provide original details to avoid any misconception.
  • You will be gentle with our employees.
  • Ask for any queries.
  • Give good positive response.
  • Maintain good click conversion ratio avoid junk leads.
  • We accept only one leads from each IP in a day. Repeated leads from same IP will not be counted
  • Don’t share your ID and Password with anyone.
  • Your affiliate account is a property of praiseads affiliate network.

Account suspension:-

  • Your account will be suspended if:-
  • Providing us junk or spam leads
  • Violating the content such as thumbnail, payout and other details.
  • Misbehavior with your affiliate manager.
  • Misguiding people and disvalued our company’s rules and reputation.